Essay on Alcohol Abuse And Substance Abuse

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Alcohol Abuse
Amber Wienberg
Brown Mackie College- Lenexa, KS
July 11, 2015

Alcohol Abuse Alcohol is the most abuse and widely used substance (Fortinash & Worret, 2012, pg. 333). According to Fortinash and Worret, 9.6% of American males and 3.2% of American females are alcohol dependent (2012, pg. 33). As stated by Psychology Today, alcohol abuse is defined by: failure to fulfill major school, work or home responsibilities, drink and driving, reoccurring legal issues related to alcohol, and continuing to drink despite relationship problems (2014). Alcohol abuse will be broken down and better discussed further in details, and how to care for a patient with a history of alcohol abuse in the medical field. The etiology of alcoholism is a dependency on alcohol that alters the brain chemically (Burke, 2012). Male and females that are at increased risk for developing alcohol abuse is consuming 12-15 drinks per week, more than five drinks per occasion at least once per week, as stated by Burke (2012). Also, family history of alcoholism, a history of depression, anxiety or schizophrenia an individual at high risk for alcohol abuse (Burke, 2012). Additional risk factors for developing alcoholism include: peer pressure, low self-esteem, high levels of stress, and family or culture were alcohol use is common and accepted (Burke, 2012). Pathophysiology of alcohol abuse include: drinking alone, cravings, becoming violent when asked about drinking, withdrawn, avoiding…

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