Alcohol Abuse Among College Students : Contributing Factors And Strategies For Intervention

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Alcohol abuse is a major thing in mostly everyone’s life, but there are ways it affects teens, adults, and how this type of abuse can shatter your life. When you think of a serious type of abuse, alcohol is one of the main ones that comes to mind. Most teens happen to be inserted into that type of environment where someone tries to pull them into peer pressure and tries to get them to make the wrong decisions. In one of my sites, “Understanding Alcohol Abuse Among College Students: Contributing Factors and Strategies for Intervention”, it states, “According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (HHS), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and Office of Applied Studies (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2007), 45.5% of college students engage in binge drinking and 19% engage in frequent binge drinking. It is estimated that 31% of the 8 million college students in the U.S. (ages 18 to 24) meet the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (American Psychiatric Association, 2000) criteria for alcohol abuse and another six to eleven percent meet the criteria for alcohol dependence (Knight et al., 2002).” Also states, “Many college students consider heavy drinking to be a natural part of the college experience. The perception that heavy drinking is an integral part of the college experience has been found to be a strong predictor of heavy alcohol use among incoming freshman (Sher & Rutledge, 2007). Bockeloo, Novik, &…

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