Alcohol Abuse Affects The Body Essay

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Alcohol abuse can affect the body physically, mentally, and socially. Alcohol abuse not only affects the body, but it can cause emotional stress to the person and his/her family. The effects of alcohol causes the body to go through many changes that are somewhat obvious to the appearance to the person. Internally, alcohol abuse affects the ability for the body to function properly. Some of the major organs such as the gallbladder, liver pancreas are grossly affected by alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse tends to distort a person’s ability to think rationally and function in an inappropriate manner. The abuse of alcohol sometimes causes a person to become socially withdraw or very outgoing. The effects of alcohol abuse can cause destruction to the individual and his family unit if the treatment is not sought.

How does Alcohol abuse effect the body? Alcohol abuse can affect the body physically, mentally, socially, and long term. This paper will discuss how each of these areas are effected by the use of alcohol. Physically, it can make the body weight, reduce or enhance, it can create cloudiness of the eyes, and yellowness of the skin (Jaundice). Mentally it can have your speech slurry, hallucinate, forgetful, and discombobulated. Many people suffer from alcohol abuse socially because they often can be a lonesome drinker and drinks in the piece. While others party and drink socially with crowds.
1. How does alcohol abuse effect the body physically?
2. How does…

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