Al Qaida History Essay

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Research Paper
Name: Gerosshanth Satkunam
Student Number: 500461906
Course: SSH301– Research Design and
Qualitative Methods
Section: 051
Dr. Melanie Knight
Department of Sociology
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Introduction On September 11th, 2001, the entire world witnessed the revolutionary terrorist acts of global militant group Al Qaeda, as US commercial airplanes were high jacked and crashed onto American soil leading to the death of thousands of innocent lives, shining a new light onto the face of global terrorism (The 9/11 Commission, 2004). Although this tragedy was recognized and publicized more extensively than others, the idea of Al Qaeda has existed for approximately 30 years,
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Smith (2002) states that the initial purpose of Al Qaeda was to serve as a reporting infrastructure, so that relatives of foreign soldiers who had come to join the Afghan resistance, could be properly tracked (as cited in, The decade of the 1980’s consisted of a Soviet war in Afghanistan, funded by the USSR, particularly the United States of America, in which the mojahedin (freedom fighter), whom Bin Laden personally fought with, defeated the USSR, and drove them out of Afghanistan (Haynes, 2005). This victory, led Usama and his affiliates to pursue their belief for the necessity of an organization that will successfully take on the United States of America, to protect their Islamic states. It also created a heinous concern through Usama’s network regarding the US’ presence in Islamic states. American-led invasions of Iraq, their support of unrepresentative rulers in the Arab world, and Israel’s harsh treatment of Palestanians aided and abetted by US administrations, all reinforced this concern, and propelled Al Qaeda’s urge to take action against these infiltrators (Gunaratna & Oreg, 2010).

Despite contrary belief, they weren’t just a group of terrorists looking to inflict fear and harm

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