Air Quality And Toxic Release Essay

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Air Quality and Toxic Release
The problem of the air quality and toxic release is currently attracting people’s attention worldwide. Certainly, resident of the vibrant, wealth city of Montreal, in Canada, are also focused on solving this universal problem. Due to the reason that people are focusing on solving the problem of pollution, factors that lower the air quality seems impossible to exist. However, they do exist.
Before talking about these factors, knowing the general air quality in Montreal is quite important. Both non-governmental organizations and the governmental organizations show that the air quality in Montreal is healthy and low risk. People can imagine the level of healthiness of the air quality in Montreal by comparing the air quality index of Montreal (15) to the world’s most polluted city, Beijing (168.) The air quality index is mainly measured by six different factors – PM2.5, PM10, O3, NO2, SO2, and CO . Only the index of PM2.5 ranges from 9(healthy) to 77(moderate), while all others ranges from 1 to 30 (healthy .) Due to the high air quality, the government organization recommends people do outside activities, since the air quality in Montreal is extremely healthy and poses a very low risk of causing different diseases .Additionally, these data are originally provided to the public by both the non-governmental and governmental organizations, and they are all real-time data. However, not the entire city has a healthy air quality, there are still some…

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