Air Pollution In China Essay

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Do you dare to go out without masks? Many people in China will answer “No.” Rapid industrial development of China has improved people’s standard of living. However, it also brings some unwanted side effects, such as air pollution and water pollution. In order to develop industries, the consumption of fossil fuels increases. Burning of fossil fuels emits lots of air pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and other particles. Private cars and other vehicles also discharge a large amount of air pollutants. Increasing air pollutants in the atmosphere make it difficult to breathe and cause many other problems in China, especially in some large cities. Air pollution has become an urgent issue in China and can cause negative effects on people’s health, plants, animals, and economic development. Effective and urgent measures should be taken to address the problem.
Air pollution has become a serious and urgent problem in
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First of all, Air pollution can cause physical damage to plants’ leaves (Gray). Ozone, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide are strong oxidants and can do harm to the leaves. For example, ozone can produce brown spots on the leaves. Sulfur dioxide can bleach the leaves and make them mottled. Nitrogen dioxide can also cause lesions to leaves. Physical injuries not only affect the appearance of plants but also weaken the functions of leaves. Air pollution can negative affect plants’ growth. Particles, such as ozone, can block stomata in the leaves and prevent plants from conducting respiration and photosynthesis. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide can produce acid rain which can damage the leaves of plants. The reduction of chlorophyll can reduce the photosynthesis rate of plants. Acid rain also acidizes the soil and makes it unsuitable for the growth of plants. Air pollution can also increase the susceptibility of plants and make it more vulnerable to insects and

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