How To Manage Air Pollution In China

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Air pollution is a major issue in China. I’m sure you’ve heard of China’s problem with air pollution. There has been a lot of discussion about possible solutions to this problem. Hearing about these things in the news has prompted me to ask and do research on the following question: How have people tried to manage the air pollution coming from China, and what effect have these efforts had? In this essay we will discuss where the air pollution in China is coming from, and what people have done to protect themselves. Then, we’ll discuss the efforts made to manage the air pollution in China. Next, we’ll discuss what surprised me about what I learned. Finally, we’ll discuss what I liked and disliked about this Inquiry Project. Let’s begin! …show more content…
Almost all the air pollution in China comes from fossil fuel combustion. Major sources of air pollution are vehicles, factories, cities, and the burning of coal and charcoal to heat houses. As China’s economy improves, these things increase, causing a rise in air pollution. Another worry people have is PM2.5, which is small enough to enter the lungs and bloodstream. PM2.5 can cause lung disease, heart attacks, and other health problems. According to NPR, “16 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities are in China”. National Geographic tells us that air pollution kills 656,000 people per year in China. China's pollution affects neighboring areas as well. Many people in China wear face masks in an attempt to protect themselves from the polluted air. Now we know where the pollution in China is coming from, but what are people doing to solve this

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