Ways To Reduce Air Pollution In China

The people of China have become extremely concerned with all the environmental issues that have been going on in the last past 10 years. To correct the problems the Chinese government has taken multiple steps to make the best of the situation. The Chinese state is filled with environmental problems which make them enforce environmental policies, mainly in rural areas. In most cases, people don’t understand nor realize the environmental effects of any polluting activities. For example, when people burn rice stalks in fields with certain chemicals like fertilizers, this will lead to the skies to fill with dark haze (Alford).
Air is valuable essence of every living thing on earth, especially the human race. Clean air is key to sustain the equilibrium
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China simply just grew too fast, once the economy changed to the modern life style the economy could not wait to experience it. The government also takes part in polluting as well; the Chinese government does not enforce the rules like they are supposed to when it comes to pollution. Companies and factories are fined a small amount for their air pollution, but many companies find it cheaper to continue polluting and pay the fine, rather than make changes to their production. A few ways to reduce air pollution china is that you can substitute natural gas for coal residential and commercial use. Next China should use electricity generated technologies instead of coal fueled power plants. Coal plays a major part in producing China’s energy, in order to reach health regulations China will have to replace a large amount of coal fired electric power. Following another step would be to speed up the process of scrapping “yellow tag” motor vehicles, in other words older or high polluting …show more content…
The American Lung Association shows that Madera, California has the largest amount of small particles in the United States (Associated Press). According to a new study, China’s air pollution kills an estimate of 4,400 people every day. More than one-third of the population breathes in this unclear air on a daily. Robert Rohde led this study, which covered 1,500 ground stations across China, Taiwan and South Korea. After four months the data was analyzed and processed coming to a conclusion that the air pollution exposure to airborne particles can cause a mass variety of health problems, such as asthma, lung cancer, heart disease and strokes. The EP Health Organization said last year that 7 million people died annually because of exposure to polluted air. China’s air pollution and health problems are mainly caused by burning coal in factories, power plants, and the use of vehicles. Years ago in 1997, the Kyoto Agreement, which was the major industrial nations pledged to reduce their emissions of greenhouse regarding climate protection. The problem has focused on the rising rate of greenhouse gas emission resulting primarily from the burning of fossil fuels to meet our increasing demand for

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