Aids : Hiv And Aids Worldwide Essay

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HIV and AIDS Worldwide The Millennium Project describes the HIV/AIDS epidemic as a “global catastrophe, threatening social and economic stability in the most affected areas while spreading relentlessly into new regions” (Doyle, 2006, p. 1). Financial limitations, political agendas, and the challenge of delivering interventions to rural and poorly developed communities have hindered efforts to slow the spread and treat the infected but the unceasing threat to social and economic stability must prompt international collaboration before it is too late (Doyle, 2006).
Sub-Saharan Africa is known as the global epicenter of the HIV/AIDS pandemic as it is home to just ten percent of the earths population yet houses over two-thirds of the world’s HIV infected (Jacobsen, 2014). In some areas, AIDS has wiped out substantial portions of prime-age adults, threatening both economic stability and growth. The full potential and impact of this epidemic has yet to be realized (Fortson, 2011). Home to just
Mexico and South Africa: A Comparison of Two Countries One of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS infection per capita is in the country of South Africa, reporting a nearly 20% infection rate as of 2012. Conversely, Mexico reported rates at only .2 percent in 2012. Although HIV prevalence in Latin America is low compared to many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, the number of affected people is still substantial and has remained stable for a number of years (, n.d.)
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