Reflection In Agile Retrospective

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Summary of Reflection in Agile Retrospective

The Agile Retrospective can be outlined in five main steps, these are created to set a clear path when starting the retrospective. They are the following:
Set the stage: Involves explaining the goal in the retrospective meeting
Gather data: Gathers the reporting and responding level of the reflection as a team using agile methodology. Each team reviews and discuss obstacles and feelings
Generate Insight: Agile teams analyze their previous actions points, identify the background behind said issues.
Decide what to do: These is where the teams have their own formula on how to approach their problem, their future action plans.
Close the retrospective: Summary of all the points and outcomes of the meeting

Retrospective meeting have a framework on how they operated, in the paper they are referred simply as levels. Although separately there are 5 level, it makes sense to group some and call make them main level. Here are the following three main level in a retrospective meeting:
Reporting and
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