Essay Age Restrictions on Alcohol Relative to Military Eligibility

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Age Restrictions on Alcohol Relative to Military Eligibility I expect you to protect our country. I am going to give you a gun and when ordered to I expect you to take another human life without question. I expect you to be willing to die and watch others around you die. However you will not be allowed to drink alcohol and if you do you may face military and criminal charges. This is what we tell our soliders that are under the age of twenty-one. While most of us agree that the legal drinking age should be twenty-one plus there should be exceptions for our military personal who we expect to protect our country and die if needed. The minimum age to join the military in the United States in seventeen years old with parental consent or …show more content…
Even though we are giving them great responsibility does that mean they are also mature enough to handle decisions when it comes to alcohol? One could make the argument that their maturity has not changed and in fact they are more dangerous underage drinkers. They have access to weapons and have been trained in hand to hand combat. Most of us have had any experience where someone we know got into a fight because they had too much to drink. Can you imagine how much worse that situation would have been had your friend had training to kill people with their bare hands? Another issue with letting them drink early is the toll it will take on their bodies. Drinking can lead to heart disease and liver disease. Obviously then longer you drink the higher risk you have of these diseases. Do we not owe it to the people that protect our nation to help them make healthy choices? Crimes and death related to underage drinking are alarming. An estimated 5,000 people die each year from underage drinking. Additionally 50,000 people experience alcohol related date rape and 43,000 are injured by someone who has been drinking. While we can argue that the consumption of alcohol by young adults should be controlled we need to also considered the situation and the ethical dilemmas. A utilitarianism may say the greater good is to have no one drink until the age of twenty one as they are then more mature and can make

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