Against The Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

1002 Words Sep 1st, 2016 null Page
The first article I will respond to is Jeff Jordon’s essay against the legalization of same sex marriage. For the most part, I am for same sex marriage so I will be reacting in a refutable manner. Initially, Jordon makes a few ground principles for his argument by addressing the issue, counterargument, and moral impasses, but it’s not until section 4: Conflicting Claims on Homosexuality that his ideas quarrel with mine. Like Gordon mentions, not everyone is a theist so therefore we don’t have to base our views on that idea, he states “if one does not adopt the religion-based moral view, one must still respect those who do: they cannot be dismissed out of hand” (Jordan 240). This is fully realizable, but in itself it is also an extreme double standard. If homosexuals must respect theistic groups that oppose same sex marriage then that means theistic groups should do the same in return. What Jordon is getting at is that by keeping same sex marriage illegal, essentially homosexuals are paying their “respect” to theistic groups. The thing is that for homosexuals, not being able to marry is much more imposing compared to theistic groups having to live with homosexuals being able to marry. Same sex marriage does not directly affect theistic groups compared to how it affects same sex couples directly and first hand. This idea obviously sanctions with the separation of church and state because inhibiting homosexuals to marry is based on religious doctrine which ultimately combines…

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