Against Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia is a topic that is commonly associated with several negative ideas. However, philosopher and scholar R.M. Dworkin defines euthanasia as “killing a person out of kindness”
(Life’s Dominion, p.3). So how can an idea with such negative assumptions be defined as kind?
The reason euthanasia is seen as king to some people, is because euthanasia is putting an end to a persons suffering. Simply put, it is important that every terminally ill patient at least has the choice of how and when they could end their life. Although euthanasia is thought to be immoral, removing the option from terminally ill individuals prevents one from making his/her own decision on their own lives. By becoming better educated on the subject and sympathizing with
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This idea is contradicting because by not offering a choice, patients will feel forced to withstand something they do not wish to. When a patient is given euthanasia as an option that is all that it is. It is an option, not something they have to do. When a patient is told that euthanasia is out of the question, they only have one choice. So by offering euthanasia, a patient then has two choices.
The debate over euthanasia has been long and intricate, consisting of many controversial issues such as religion and ethics. Regardless of how many issues euthanasia has, ultimately, the decision of whether or not a terminally ill patient should go through with it should be up to him/herself. Many of the people against euthanasia are religious and believe that every life is precious. However, not every person is religious, hence, not everyone shares the same opinions and beliefs. If a whole group does not share the same opinion, it is not fair to force one part of the group to go against what they want. Also, suicide is prohibited and many find this to be
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Finally, an argument that is always being used against euthanasia is that if euthanasia is legalized, terminally ill patients will feel pressured to make a decision.
However, not providing an option other than just waiting for death, is forcing them into a corner with only one choice. If euthanasia is legalized, the patients will have two choices. One being that they can wait for death naturally, the second one being that they can shorten the process and
Mosri 4 of 5 choose when and how they die. At this moment, death seems foreign and unfathomable to many people. However, death will reach every person and each person should be able to decide what to do with his/her body, and more importantly, his/her life. In order to insure that every person will be able to make this decision for him/herself, it is important that the public educates themselves and develops a sense of sympathy for those that are reaching the end of their lives. After all, it is their own lives that they are choosing to end, not anyone else’s. Once an entire population can begin to sympathize with those that are terminally ill, maybe then the law begin to change for the

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