African Americans During World War II Essay

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African Americans had a key role in Americas success during world War II. Although not all African Americans were brought into the war, there were a large amount that joined. These soldiers that were accepted into the war were beneficial in several ways. At first, white Americans did not want to accept the African American soldiers into the war, but when desegregation was encouraged within the military, the war changed completely. Desegregation was an important factor in the war and should we have practiced it sooner, America would never have struggled during World War II. Americans thought that bringing African American soldiers into combat was a bad idea. This was wrong all on accounts. They limited their participation in the war. The African Americans were not treated well during the war. Some African Americans actually compared the treatment they were receiving with the way Jews were treated in Germany (Patriotism). Whites often inferred that African Americans were not suited for combat, therefore they did not allow them to be on the frontline. During the drafts, almost all African Americans were looked over by the drafting boards (African Americans). When African American soldiers were stationed near White soldiers, the sometimes fought. For example, on April 16, 1942, in a small town black and white soldiers began a large brawl. The white soldiers then held loaded guns to the black men. Black soldiers did not like this treatment either. They often wanted to move their…

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