Essay about African Americans And European Americans

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Since the first African slaves were brought to America in 1619, life for African Americans has been a struggle. During the time of slavery, blacks were treated just like animals. They were the property of their owners and only received what their masters deemed necessary. Because of this, blacks received little health care and had to survive off of the scraps they were given. As time went on, African Americans learned how to adapt to their surrounds. They made the best meals they could from the food they had, and made medicine from the plants and resources that they had. However, as African Americans made the most of what they had, European Americans had ample resources to grow and prosper on this land. They were able to purchase land, food, and other resources that they needed in order for them and their children to be healthy and happy. This in turn caused the life expectancy of African Americans and European Americans to become drastically different, even though they both lived in the United States of America.
In order for any human to survive on this planet, they need food, water, clothing and shelter. Even though these things seem simple enough, for a vast amount of time African Americans were denied these basic things. And even after years of building up wealth, blacks felt like they had the right to suitable housing. They built communities where they had prosperous businesses, schools, homes and hospitals. However, because of discrimination and segregation, these…

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