Essay on African Americans And Academic Achievement

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African Americans and academic achievement African Americans have been continually struggling academically for many years and this is not only affecting them individually but it is affecting the whole racial group.Today African americans face many racism, unfair judment and cycle of poverty and in order for them to fight thsese they need education and skills. Sadly their performance in education are much lower compared to other races. If education is the way for African Americans to end the cycle of poverty,substance use and for them to fight for equity and to end discrimination against them. why do African American students across the country have significantly lower academic achievement compared to their racial counterparts? Well is due to many factors such as parenting style,percent neighborhood poverty, stereotypes, school system and social support around african americans. (Leslie, M. G., Sameroff, A. J., & Eccles, J. S. (2002).

African american adolescents often live where there is high number of risk factors that will prevent them from becoming successful in their academic achievement . “ As the number of risk factors increased, adolescents had lower grade point averages, more absences, and lower math achievement test scores. Of interest, we also found that the multiple risk score had a greater association with adolescents ' grade point averages and number of absences than their math achievement test scores...strongly related to risk than achievement test scores…

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