African American Women 's Impact On The Black Community Essay

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Not only did African American women who were not prostitutes deal with the stereotype, they also could be falsely accused and arrested for it, as stated earlier with the case of Ruby Clark. (438).
Another underlying issue that African American women prostituting impacts within the black community are legality matters involving the police and jail. While African American women profited the most from working in brothels, presently they can be found more on the street. In “Race, Class, Gender, and Deviancy: The Criminalization of Prostitution”, Ann M. Lucas discusses on the difference between white and black prostitutes when it comes to legal matters. White prostitutes, while not as often selling themselves on the street, are treated more lenient than the fifty-five percent arrest and eighty-five percent of African American women imprisoned for selling themselves (49). In MacKinnon’s article, she mentions the way that many of these African American women were arrested or imprisoned was through a trick that police used. Police commonly sent men as if they wanted sexual service and either arrest them before or after the act (17-18).
African Americans in present day America have more employment options than those in the past, yet still are limited and face discrimination. After the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, any African American women who feels any sort of discrimination, can make a claim under Title VII, which prohibits any acts of discrimination based on race,…

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