Essay on African American Culture : The Good And The Bad

1165 Words May 27th, 2016 null Page
There are two side to the African-American culture. The good and the bad. The one that tells you about the great work they have done with so mach oppression in their lives and community. Yet on the flip side there lots of negative sides to the African-American culture.

In many African-American families either the father is in jail or dead, mother is a single mother. 72 percent of African-American children are in raised in a single parent home, said in a article By NewsOne Staff. African-Americans man make up about 37 percent on prisoner in America(Wikipedia). 1 out of every 10 African-American have a family member who is incarcerated. Because there is lack of leadership in most African-American homes. There are no job, most African- American have low income. Because of they commit crimes to support themselves. The average income in a African-American home is $35,000(Wikipedia). Most African-American fall beyond the poverty line. Income inequality is huge in these communities. The unemployment rate is very high in these communities. Lots of African-American partners don 't get married because some of them don 't believe in marriage. Black in a America have been through a lot such things as slavery, segregation, racism(still going through it). In most Black kids are being taken cared of by their grandparents. The parents give birth at a young age and need help supporting for the baby, that 's why most give their children to their own parents. Blacks live in some on the…

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