African American And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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The history of African American culture is very significant to the United States and the rest of the world. African American’s have a unique history because no other race has gone through as much back lash and adversity. Perhaps the most unique part about the history of African Americans is the civil rights movement. The Civil rights movement changed the landscape of the world and how everybody viewed racism. The reason why is because so much of it was going on in the southern part of the United States. The southern part of the United States during the civil rights movement had the most ignorance and racism the world had ever seen. During the civil rights movement, a particular group called the NAACP was very active. The NAACP was active when it came to protest and court cases. Despite the disenfranchisement and racial discriminations of the courts the NAACP won a lot of court cases. The most famous case the NAACP won was Brown vs Board of Education. In 1954 the Supreme Court came to decision in this case that state laws that separate blacks and whites in separate schools were unconstitional. This court case decision won by the NAACP was responsible for the leading the progress of desegregation across the United States. However, in today’s society the United States is still divided. After the Brown vs Board of Education the NAACP fought for desegregation and against discrimination when it came to employment, housing and politics. Even after the major landmark court case…

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