Affordable Childcare For Single Parent Households Essay

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Affordable Childcare for Single Parent Households
Childcare has turned into an important factor in the lives of working parents and is always showing signs of change and developing society. The typical cost for basic childcare in America has expanded, and society has adjusted; working moms have joined the workforce, and double income families are important to hold a nice way of life. Subsequently, there is an interest for quality childcare. By putting a child into a childcare program, there are numerous advantages, for example, permitting parents, single or not, to proceed with their professions and/or go to class, and in addition furnish their kids with a formative and instructive environment that will advance them later on in life. With these advantages, there are additionally negatives. The expense of higher-quality childcare is costly, and lower-pay families cannot afford to put their kids in such programs. On the off chance that they are selected, it is often to be in a lower-quality facility, where the kids won 't get as much hands on learning training and experience. With the increase in single parents returning to work, childcare facilities and employers must make changes to accommodate the single parent households. Because of a single income and required working hours. According to a recent study by The Hamilton Project, “The average single mother in Indiana spends 27 percent of her paycheck on childcare.” The article also states that, “While childcare is the…

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