Affirmative Action Research Paper : Business Law

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Erin Hennessy
Affirmative Action Research Paper
Business Law: Professor McLean

Imagine two seemingly identical students applying to college. Student A is the child of two doctors living in the suburbs outside of Los Angeles. She is the student body president and captain of the soccer team. She gets straight A’s and does well on the SATs. Student B lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with two brothers and her therapist mother and professor father. She is the leader of the debate team and the president of Amnesty International. She is the co-captain of the track team also gets straight A’s with good SAT scores. Student A and Student B have seemingly equitable credentials and backgrounds. The only difference between Student A and Student B is that Student A is a young black woman and Student B is a young white woman. Both students apply to the same college and Student A is admitted because of her potential contribution to educational diversity. This is affirmative action at work. Does this seem fair or even legal? The Supreme Court seeks to answer this question.
In the upcoming Supreme Court case Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), to be heard on December 10, 2015, the court must address the question whether prior Supreme Court decisions on racial equality permit the University of Texas at Austin to use race in the selection of the upcoming freshman classes. In order to determine whether or not the University of Texas at Austin’s race conscious…

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