Essay on Affirmative Action Policies For Equal Opportunity

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Affirmative action policies allow for equal opportunity and throughout history have helped end discrimination in the workforce as well as many different type of organizations. Minorities are given the opportunity to compete for job opportunities and admissions to educational institutions. However, not everyone agrees with these types of policies and believe that this is a form of “reverse discrimination” against white individuals (1). These individuals argue that minorities that include people of color and women are given preference and although the qualifications may be the same amongst all, the minorities will be granted the opportunity simply because of their skin color or gender. In “Affirmative Action and Fairness” Robert Fullinwider discusses how affirmative action is viewed differently among Americans and why discrimination has been a difficult social issue to deal with over time. Fullinwider begins by providing a list of men who were against quotas, which were ways in which institutions began to ensure equality. Brian Weber was an employee at a Kaiser Company chemical plant in the 1970s. The company had a segregated workforce, all of their black employees were only allowed to work unskilled jobs. The skilled jobs were held by individuals who were hired from outside sources. However, this all changed when the company changes policies and began hiring from within their own company. For every white man, a black man would be admitted as well to train for the skilled…

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