Shelby Steel On Affirmative Action Analysis

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Shelby steels view’s on affirmative action aligns with the neo-conservative view. He recaps on the theory explaining that affirmative action and other entitlement programs stem from the presence of white liberal guilt. He recognizes this as the guilt which roots from the ill- intentions and actions of their ancestors which motivates them to sponsor and advocate for these government assistance programs. White liberals believe that by installing a program, which is intended to elevate the black community in an already developed society, they have indirectly cleared their guilty consciences. Steels states, “In a very real sense, entitlement programs for blacks serve the personal interests of whites as well.” (Steels. 151) He further analysis …show more content…
Instead solely basing the accomplishments off of their merit, they believe that their position is attainment through public policy. In Steels opinion, liberal victimization and preferential treatment is a detrimental aspect of the black society. Though he feels this way, he is not against all liberal government assistance programs. He advocates for policies which aid the inner-city residents in bettering their own lives and promotes programs that eliminate the horrific conservative view of bootstrapping. He acknowledges and attempts to disintegrate the barriers within the black community. Steels’ ideological view on affirmative action correlates to theories of other neo-conservatives, specifically, Cornel West.

Cornell West addresses the notion of affirmative action through the study of both the Liberal and conservative ideologies. He begins by stating his individual view of both approaches alluding to the idea that both parties failed to realized and understand the true meaning of these programs. He states that, “The liberal notion that more governmental programs can solve racial problems and political problems.”(West. 2) He argues this to be extremely
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West focuses on the reasons for creating governmental programs through the eyes of the black community while Steele’s chooses to explain the reasons of creating these programs through the white liberal perspective. Steel’s ideological theories as to why these entitlement programs were initially created, only includes the presence of white guilt, failing to include the elevation rooting from the Civil Rights movements and the Black power ideology. Although they have separate approaches, they both come to a meeting point within their theories on affirmative action. Both philosophers attain the idea that affirmative action is simply a program which takes away from black success corrupting their psychological mindset, and hindering the black community from reaching their full potential by them heavily depending on

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