Aerobic Conditioning And Cardiovascular Disease

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“Aerobic conditioning activities such as running, rowing and walking along with resistance strength training exercises have been shown to be inversely associated with the risk of coronary heart disease.” (WCPT organization). The intersection between aging and cardiovascular disease is very important. The average lifespan of person increases. Human beings 65 or older are at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases. Within this age group cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death. The costs of treatments will also continue to increase. There are still millions of unanswered questions on cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases cause more than 15 million deaths in the world each year, according to the World Health Organization …show more content…
They are also the major cause of death in adults. In addition, many cardiovascular incidents are not necessarily fatal, but may impair the ability to lead a normal daily life, resulting in enormous health care costs (estimated at $50–150 billion per year) to society. Drugs are good for the heart because it helps an injured or weakened heart to work more efficiently.

Medically prescribed drugs are good for the heart because they help prevent blood clotting. Blood clotting occurs when there has been damage to the blood vessel. The platelets begin to rapidly stick to the edges of the vessel. They then release chemicals to attract more platelets. National blood clot states that, anticoagulants are used to treat blood clots. This slows down the blood from clotting.The most common medication they use today is called heparin. In other words, the thinner the blood is, the less chance there will be of the blood clotting, this is what anticoagulant is used for. Heparin is a type of anticoagulant. This medication also thins blood clots when they have
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Heart failure is when the heart stops functioning properly, this is a cause of death. Congestive heart failure would be when the heart does not pump blood as well as it should. According to Mayo Clinic it states that, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors help someones hearts get in good or even better conditions. Essentially, ACE helps people with systolic heart failure. Systolic heart failure is when the ejection fraction is decreased, this leaves an unusual volume of blood in the left ventricle. This drug helps people with systolic heart failure feel better. This helps the heart stay in good conditions if its not working in good conditions because of systolic heart failure. In the Drugs articles “Know more be sure” it claims, Altace treats high blood pressure, also heart failure after a heart attack. Another word for Altace is Ramipril. Atlace is used to survive from a heart attack. Altace reduces the chances of having a heart attack.This means altace is used to treat hypertension, also congestive heart failure. Altace is used to treat hypertension, and congestive heart failure, and also to improve someone from surviving a heart attack. MedlinePlus claims, Hydralazine nitrates basically helps the heart bump heart pump more efficiently. It helps open up the arteries. Its mainly used on patients who cannot handle ACE. Hydralazine is a vasodilator. A vasodilator is the widening of

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