Advertising 's Misleading Strategies Of Advertising Essay

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Advertising’s Misleading Strategies
Many businesses will spend millions of dollars creating and presenting an advertisement about their product. The debt they pay out to create these promotions will pay off in the long run making them enormous amounts of money. The designers of these advertisements strive to influence consumers to purchase their products. Without commercials or magazine articles promoting their merchandise, many of the items would go unnoticed. However, advertising does not only advance their products, but it also plays with the consumers’ emotions, provides false hope, and it encourages stereotypes of how men and women should look.
Emotions are one of the easiest ways that advertising company’s influence a consumer to buy a product. The director’s goal is to persuade the public audience to purchase his or her merchandise, no matter how they have to do it. One way they try to use emotions to sway shoppers into buying their goods is by tormenting them with sad little children. UNICEFF is a perfect example of using unprivileged children to get donations. They persuade the consumer with images of children in need of food, water, clothes, love and attention. Then they will ask for a small donation to help provide these children with some of their necessities. Most people’s first reaction is to donate funds because the images made them feel remorse for the child. What the UNICEFF administration left out of their mission was how much of the funds actually go to…

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