Advertising Techniques Essay

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Bait advertising and special offers
Bait advertising is the practice of offering items for sale at low prices to attract consumers to a business.
Bait advertising can be a legitimate form of advertising.
Example: An electronics retailer runs a campaign advertising 50-inch televisions at a price of $799 for a week-long sale. The retailer usually sells about 30 televisions of this type every week. The retailer only stocks two televisions at the advertised price and refuses to take customer orders.
When customers attempt to buy the television at the advertised price, they are told it is out of stock and offered a more expensive unit for $999. This is likely to be bait advertising as the retailer does not have a reasonable supply of the
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Any conditions, limitations or restrictions should be made clear to the consumer before the purchase.
Example: Certain cans of deodorant have a shrink-wrap packaging carrying the words ‘$3 Cash Back’. After returning home and opening the packaging, a consumer finds that the offer is limited to one can per customer, and that in any event the offer expired a week earlier. The consumer has been misled and may not otherwise have made the purchase.
In this situation the packaging is misleading because the bold representation of the cash back offer was made without equally prominent mention of the limitations. As a result the consumer believed the offer applied to each product purchased. This kind of packaging prevents consumers from seeing the limitations on the offer.
Example: An electrical retailer is selling a television with a cash back offer. The price of the television is $3000 and consumers that purchase it can claim $500 cash back after the sale.
When advertising the television, the retailer should advertise the price of the television as $3000 (not $2500), as this is the price a consumer must pay to acquire the television.
Comparative advertising
Businesses may use comparative advertising to directly promote the superiority of their products over another. The comparison may relate to factors such as price, quality, range or volume.
Comparative advertising is a direct challenge to competitors and before using comparative advertising, you should

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