Advertising Cost At A Minimum Essay examples

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Advertising. The largest part we must make public about our restaurant is that we are opening a Sonny’s, so this step is very critical. We do however need to keep advertising cost at a minimum because our grand opening will not be that much larger than our normal dinner crowd. A very good and inexpensive way to advertise is to make flyers and post them in the neighboring cities. This is very cheap to do costing practically no money. The next way we could advertise is by making a sign to go at the construction site stating that a Sonny’s is being built and we can add on a grand opening date later in the project. A large well-made poster that will last for the duration of the construction project is going to cost about 100 to 200 dollars to make. Another way to advertise would be by getting a radio commercial and we have a couple small radio stations around Melrose that we could make a short commercial and have it aired for a week for just over 200 dollars. We would only need to run the commercial two week before the grand opening making sure that it gets aired at key times of the day such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These forms of advertising are fairly inexpensive but would reach a large number of people.

Employment. In order to run the restaurant, you will need several employees. We are going to need anywhere from two to four cooks at time with two different shifts one shift for lunch and one for dinner. You are also going to need three to five waiters at a…

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