Advertising And The Youth Market Essay

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Advertising companies have found a highly profitable niche, the youth market. With the advancement of technology and the many different electronic devices readily available to the American youth, the advertisements that children have access to effect the way in which they develop. Advertisements tell children that they should have materialistic values in life and encourage consumerism from an early age. Because children are surrounded by screens and advertisements, their interests are being swayed to what the advertisement companies want them to purchase, without knowing that the intention of the commercial is to persuade them to make purchases.. The way in which advertisement companies target children also effects the way in which children view themselves and identify in this world. A large way in which advertisements effect the American youth’s is by promoting stereotypical gender roles. Large corporations even effect the sexualization of children by sexualizing the characters within the advertisements that are geared toward children.
Advertising to Children: Disney’s Success
Within the United States of America, screen-time, the “time spent using a device such as a computer, television, or games console,” (English Oxford Dictionaries, 2016) has become an unavoidable source of information and a key way to advertise to American youth. Two successfully profitable and highly influential ways in which advertisement companies have targeted children is primarily through food and…

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