Advertising And Its Effects On Society Essay

1182 Words Jul 13th, 2015 null Page
In some point of our life, we have all seen the typical Calvin Klein, DKNY, or Ralph Lauren advertisement being projected towards us consumers consisting of a sexy man half-naked with his biceps showing or a woman in a bathing suit making seductive poses. Doesn’t it sound like it’s trying to make one insecure? Because men and women are exposed to this type of marketing, it skews our perception on what beauty is, creates false insecurity between men and women, and changes our relationships with other humans. Advertisements are meant to sell a certain product, and to do that you need to garner attention. When people see a certain Calvin Klein ad, it will usually contain a picture deciphering a man half-naked with huge biceps or a woman with thighs smaller than her head. When other people see these types of suggestive advertisements these companies are trying to present, it makes people feel insecure because it’s sending a message how men and women are suppose to look like, and if one doesn’t look that way, they are considered ugly. These types of advertisements are changing the way men and women are suppose to look in front of everybody, and whatever one wears defines their individual and social identity. “From clothing to furniture to cars to electronics and beyond, is a sign, a signal you are sending to the world about yourself. Those aren’t just a pair of shoes you’re wearing: They’re a statement about your identity. That’s not just an iPod playlist: It’s a message…

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