Advertisements Are A Means Of Selling And Promoting A Product For A Better Profit

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Advertisements are a means of selling and promoting a product for a better profit. Content within advertisements is often a topic of debate. In a lecture on October 17, 2016, to a COMM 1100 class, Professor Braithwaite stated that ideologies are an encouraged way of thinking and often demonstrated in advertisements. This Calvin Klein advertisement specifically demonstrates an ideology of male domination and female subordination to the audience. This is a common trope seen in advertisements. This Calvin Klein advertisement is also selling the idea of misogyny to the audience. Misogyny in the context of male superiority over female. The ideology that women are solely dependent on men. The advertisement persuades its viewers with physically attractive models. While this could be interpreted as “just an underwear ad”, one would fail to realize that real impact that advertisements have on the average person. Since the scope of advertisements make them socializing tools (MacKay, N. J., & Covell, K, 1997, p.2). The importance of this view, can be found in the impact it has on men and women of all ages and their treatment of the opposite gender.
Advertisements have a direct link to the opposition of gender equality (MacKay, N. J., & Covell, K, 1997, p.3). Commonly in advertisements women are often reduced to objects of decoration or homemaker roles (MacKay, N. J., & Covell, K, 1997, p.2). They are concerned only with appearance and themselves (Dwivedy, A. K., Patnaik, P., & Suar,…

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