Adverse Effects Of Cyber Bullying

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The social vice takes several minor and major implications on the communal life especially for the weak and fragile students. Over the years, bullying is seen as a transitional part of school life to harden children on course of their academic studies. However, humanitarian activists stood against the act suggesting it hinders normal child development to adulthood (Sharp and Peter, p2). It may involve physical or mental torture, which eventually deters some developmental phase for children. Because of the strict rules stimulated against the vice, cyber bullying emerged in the process. It illustrates the adverse impacts of modern technology to the current and future human generation. The paper will counteract the public view regarding bullying …show more content…
It developed after most students got access to computer, mobile and other internet enabled gadgets. The old-fashioned way only exists in boarding schools while the rest apply in all institutions and at home. For example, teenagers use social cites like Facebook to post messages and photos amid attacking their partners. Other friends can access their accounts; hence, shun them in school (Kowalski, et al., p56). The cases counteract their self-esteem and confidence on course of pursuing their dreams. The results are lack of concentration and failure to meet their objectives. Some parents have little concept about the issue meaning the students rarely seek their consent (Kowalski, et al., 58). The best teenagers can think in adverse situations is committing suicide or drop out of schools to avoid amid humiliation. Inadequate social concern ruins the process of trying to heal their …show more content…
Children avoid engaging in school activities because they might be victims of such acts while at school. The issue lowers their self-esteem and confidence. However, their defendants, teachers and parents, seem reluctant in addressing such issues. The two parties pretend to have little information yet they were in the same position while in school. Every individual should play his or her part in countering ordinary and cyber-bullying. Learning institutions should have their stratagems of addressing the issue without involving the public. Therefore, bullying will only stop if all the parties play they fundamental role in addressing the

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