Adventures In Wonderland Analysis

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The Victorian Period begun in 1837 the year Victoria became queen, and ended in 1901 when she dies. This period was the great age of the English novel with realism, thick plots, crowded with characters, and very long. Formerly, it was the ideal form to describe life and to entertain the middle class. However, some of the writers that were very recognized were Charles Dickens, full of drama, humor, and a variety of characters, complicated plots, and a portrayal of how urban life was for all classes of the society. Another was William Makepeace that is best known for Vanity Fair that was written in 1848 that cruelly makes fun of hypocrisy and greed. Also, Emily Bronte single novel, Wuthering Heights that was written in 1847, is
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Another genre of The Victorian Period was poetry, that was influenced of the Romantic period. The leading poet of the Victorian Period poetry was Alfred, Lord Tennyson. While, his main subject was romantic, his poetry was filled by personal melancholy and a mixture of social certitude and religious doubt that reflected the age. Writers from the United States and the British colonies of Australia, New Zealand and Canada were guided by the literature.

Alice Adventure’s in Wonderland written by Lewis Carrol.
I choose Alice Adventures’s in Wonderland because I liked the fact that she writted this novel with a purpose to let the society know what was happening in their society symbolizing it in a novel, everything was the same, the Queen, the madness and the developing of the kids, because in the novel I see a little Alice and is with the brain of n adult. Alice sits on a riverbank on a summer day, slowly reading over her sister’s shoulder, when she sees a glimpse of a White Rabbit wearing a undercoat. Preceding, the Rabbit pulls a pocket watch, and says that he is late, and go down a rabbit hole. Immediately, Alice follows the Rabbit
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Right after, she sees a smiling Cheshire Cat, and a Cook who throws big amounts of pepper into a cauldron of soup. The Duchess leaves and lets the baby with Alice, who discovers the baby is a pig. She lets the pig and walks to the forest, where she meets the cat. The cat briefly explains why everyone is mad in Wonderland including her, and then gives direction to the March Hare’s house and then fades away to a floating grim. Alice travels to the March Hare’s house to find him, the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse having tea together. Being treated rudely she seats by the tea party and she learns that they have wronged time and are trapped in a perpetual tea-time. After a final discourtesy, Alicia leaves and explores trough the forest. After a long time, she finds a tree with a door, and walks trough it to find herself in the hallway where she came from. She takes the key and eats the mushroom to shrink down and enter the garden. After saving various gardeners from the temper of the Queen of Hearts, Alice joins the Queen in a strange game of croquet. Alice bumps into the Cat again, who ask Alice what s is doing. The King of Hearts takes offense and arranges for the execution of the Cheshire Cat. The queen

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