Advantages Of The Automotive Industry

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The automotive industry in the US faces many challenges over the next century. We will look at where the industry is concerning global competition, new technology, emission effects, government influences, consumer opinions, and where we are headed in this paper.
Global competition:
The automotive industry through the utilization of current technology is set to make great advances. However, the United States automotive industry is taking a hit with more and more foreign automotive companies taking shares of the United States passenger car market. (Press, n.d.) The increasing regulations to emissions, fuel consumption, and alternative automotive power methods away from gasoline are also affecting factors of the automotive global competition.
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The electric vehicle was first invented in 1828 by Mr. Anyos Jedlik. He produced an electric motor and created a model car with it. (Wikipedia, Retrieved 2016) In the 21st century more and more interest developed in electric cars and alternative fuel sources due to looming concerns over sustainability and the environment. There have been many options looked at for alternative fuel and power sources. Biofuels or fuels made from plant materials are one option that was

looked into, however it seems that the mainstream automotive industry is gearing more towards electric powered vehicles. The automotive industry is now perched to make electric cars as affordable as their gasoline counterparts within the next six years. The only hold up is the efficiency for long drive distance in the electric car market. With new companies set to start mass producing electric vehicles in the next six years the demand for electric powered vehicles is on the rise and does not seem to be slowing down. (Randall, 2016)
Emissions on the
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IEA or the International Energy Agency is a multi-national government agency. The United States is a part of this organization. The Electric Vehicles Initiative or EVI is a multi-government policy forum to help bring clean energy and drive initiatives towards electric vehicles. (IEA, 2014) Some of the governments influence leading to such a drastic change in the automotive industry is listed below: (all listed below: (House, 2016))
 “Unlocking up to $4.5 billion in loan guarantees and inviting applications to support the commercial-scale deployment of innovative electric vehicle charging facilities;”
 “Launching the FAST Act process to identify zero emission and alternative fuel corridors, including for electric vehicle charging across the country, and standing up an effort to develop a 2020 vision for a national network of electric vehicle fast charging stations that will help determine where along the corridors it makes the most sense to locate the fast charging

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