How To Analyze The Automotive Industry

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Since the beginning of time, we as people have advanced. From slavery to an African American president. From living in a cave to living in a house. From the use of feet to the ability to fly. From leaves covering our bottoms to T-shirts covering up our tops. From hunting our food to having a wide variety of choices in your local grocery store. No matter how you view the world, we as a civilization in American have come a long way from when we first started out. A great way to go in depth on our growth is to discuss and document the automotive industry.

As an American citizen transportation is of importance. Rather it be by plane, bus, car, train, or by foot. When we have to get somewhere we are always looking for reliability
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We have used this in our everyday lives, and now we are using it in our everyday vehicle. Technology advances have not only made vehicles safer but have made them more appealing. To some the basics and essentials are all they need. Sadly, this does nothing for them when it comes to trade in value because we as Americans no longer want basic when luxury is only a few thousand dollars more. No, we want the vehicles that heat your seat with the touch of a button. We want power windows so we don’t have to reach over seats to get a little bit of fresh air. And for a little more you can get all the safety options. Seats that vibrate when you get too close to white line beside you, cars that can adjust speeds without you pressing on the break or gas pedal, review cameras, all over car sensors, remote start, breaking that senses two cars ahead, cruise control, no touch trunk open, censored car doors that open/close with the touch of a hand, and that’s just to name a few items. With all these advances in technology manufactures aim for safety and luxury. Not only do they use technology to make vehicles more appealing to Americans but they also use advances in technology to make these vehicles. Vehicles are made on an assembly line powered by man and machine. They have machines capable for making the molds, placing parts into the molds (engine and wind shields for …show more content…
I have worked in the automotive industry for over 5 years and I have to say that I really enjoy the industry. I was a car dealership assistant for many years, then worked for an automotive auction, then followed up with work at an actual factory (assembly worker). The knowledge and skills that you acquire from working in this industry is amazing. Many don’t realize what it costs to make a car when comparing how much it will cost when actually buying that car. Some even go for the luxury brand. For example Chevrolet has the more expensive Cadillac while Honda has the more expensive Acura. Many don’t realize that since they are made by the same company that a lot of what goes into the cars is the exact same thing. If you shop around you can always find a better bargain and because automotive companies are always in competition with one another you as a consumer can use this as an

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