Advantages Of Teaching A Foreign Language At Elementary Schools

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Advantages of Teaching a Foreign Language at Elementary Schools

The guiding principles of Gladstone School District include “educating the whole child, strengthening the school community through diversity, giving each student the hope, confidence and skills to fulfill their highest potential” (Gladstone School District). Although this school district is doing a great job upholding these principles, it is safe to say that there is always room for improvement. The lack of foreign language instruction in Gladstone’s elementary grades is an unfortunate lapse. Primary schools throughout Europe, Africa, Russia and other countries have been instructing young children in foreign languages for decades. Some districts in the USA also include foreign language instruction. More and more parents are petitioning schools to start implementing this in the elementary curriculum, and in the interim are going towards bilingual daycares and nannies (Chandler, Michael Alison). Clearly, the desire is there. The value of learning a language is obvious – it is not only fun but it opens up parts of the mind that are not frequently exercised, but is known to give children better understanding of English, advance reading skills and test scores, and a cultural connection with a greater view of the world. It is to this end that I petition the Gladstone School District to include foreign language instruction to its elementary level curriculum.
Learning a foreign language as a young child gives a new…

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