Advantages Of Modern Dating

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Are the new ways of dating more effective compared to the old ways? In the book, Modern Romance By Aziz Ansari explains how the evolvement of dating have been dramastically changing during the course of time. Many people these days prefer the modern way of dating or also know as the digital way of dating. Dating is a very common way for people to have a relationship whether it’s having a boyfriend, girlfriend, or even marriage, but it’s not about having a relationship or marriage. It’s about how couples were able to meet and what method did they use to get together. New dating strategies such as online dating, phone apps, and social media networks have become the most modern and effective ways for complete strangers to meet and interact and …show more content…
However, it can also lead to drawbacks in the digital age of dating such as stalkers, sexting and harassment. Many people may not like the fact there are fake profiles rolling around on the internet in dating websites or social media accounts and like stick to the old ways of dating. Asking face to face, telling his/her parents to be in a relationship. There are significant amounts of ways to meeting your perfect partner and also how they met.
Online dating have been the most effective way of dating over the years. In the book, Modern Romance there is a chart, in the years 2005-2012 online dating has a bigger percentage compared to other ways people have met their partner (Ansari 80). Many singles can log in or sign up for dating websites and are able to find a girl/guy that they may have in common with. Many people now nowadays are looking for a committed relationship or a
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Are all progression of dating from the old era to the new. No matter what, when we get something there something always wrong, but also benefits. When dating online people can have a wide variety of many men and women out there in the world, there are no limits on who you can date. Modern Romance describes that, in relationship the men tend to get more suspicious on their partner. Wanting to check their facebook or instagram and even goes as far looking as to look who they might your girlfriend be texting, constantly checking on her phone (Ansari 201). Although, social media makes it easier to cheat, it also makes it a lot easier to get caught. Many couples break up because they saw they weren’t suppose to see. A man broke up with his girlfriend because he saw a text on her phone from ex-boyfriend saying, ‘Hey are you coming over again tonight’. They started to have trust issues and eventually broke with each other (Ansari 199). Many adults however, stay committed to their relationship because they mature and have more respect to their partner. Young adults or teens cheat when they have a relationship whether it’s talking to another guy/girl or maybe having an affair. In the United States a lot of people have a optimistic expectation that they will remain faithful to their partner. Although it might not be true it still can’t be determined how it will play

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