Advantages Of Inbound Marketing

Not too long ago, marketing meant cold calling, direct mail and television and radio ads; the costs were high and the return on investment (ROI) was often quite low. Times have radically changed because of our totally interconnected world. Today, businesses all over the world prefer inbound marketing by a margin of 3 to 1, and with great reason - inbound marketing leads are 62 percent less expensive than traditional, outbound marketing lead costs.

For business owners and managers, it is clear where the greatest marketing value lies. What’s more, a recent survey showed that 84 percent of small businesses largely utilize inbound to build their online presence, enhance their market position and drive revenue and sales, and it is the preferred technique no matter what type of business. If you haven’t yet embraced
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PPC can help boost your site in the rankings and drive additional organic traffic overall, so it can be a valuable part of a company’s marketing strategy.

Social media: The advantages of social media marketing as part of your inbound marketing strategies cannot be understated. Social media offers you a two-way conversation outlet with your customers and prospects, and can be used for everything from evaluating competitors to direct marketing to a specific target, to public relations and customer service. The ROI for social media is extremely high, as being involved in the platforms is free, and targeted ads are very inexpensive. Be sure that everything you create looks good and tells a positive story about your business. A good web design company can help to insure optimal inbound marketing strategies are working together with your web design marketing ideas, and vice versa, so that your marketing is clicking on all cylinders and moving forward

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