Essay Advantages Of Baskin 's Overseas Investment Or Exports

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(a) The potential advantages and disadvantages of Baskin 's overseas investment or exports.
1. Exports
Export can promote sales and increase revenue and market development. Product sales to multiple markets and accelerate the company 's business diversification. At the same time, it may increase the cost of additional promotional products, and the import-export government for import and export tariff control and restrictions, as well as complex export licensing documents and uncertain financial risks (Brentwood, 2016).

Export can promote sales volume, increase revenue and market development , and accelerate the diversification of company business . At the same time , it may increase the cost of additional promotional products , result in control and restrictions of Import-Export government on import and export tariff as well as complicate export license documents and make uncertain financial risks (Brentwood, 2016)
2. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Canada and Estonia
2.1 Advantages
FDI has many advantages for Baskin. Government policy, low tax rates of foreign direct investment companies and duty-free tariffs on manufacturing lie in location, natural resources and a diverse economy. Canada is the world 's largest free trade area and offers a tariff-free zone for industrial manufacturers, which allows Baskin to open up a larger market and generate more profits. Moreover, Toronto (proximity of Canada)makes it easy to get raw materials and reduce the burden on freight…

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