Debenhams Competitive Strategy

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Debenhams is a successful retail outlet, which has its operation UK wide. The company was created in store in 18th century as a single store in London. The company has successfully made its mark across Europe and has bright prospects in Asian and African markets. There are several attributes to the success of the company which makes it possible to experiment into other market. The external environment including political, social, economic and technological forces which are need to be assessed before entering in to the new market.
The success of Debenhams in UK and in major parts countries of Europe gave it a confidence to made expansions in different regions of the world. Asia is considered as the most premium choice of investors
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Therefore, the major success factor for Debenhams is that they provide premium quality products and services to their users with prime emphasis upon innovation and quality.

International Business & Environment
Debenhams is one of the leading store which offer variety of products in clothing. The company is successfully operating in UK and other parts of Europe, still the company can capture its share in untapped markets of the several part of Asia and Africa. The increased demand of the world has open a new array of opportunities to expand itself in various parts of the world. With thorough analysis of the international markets and associated factors, the company make its move into different geographical locations (Borrington & Stimpson,2004).

Down turn in Local Economies/Political Disruptions
There are number of political parties exist in the country which may influence the policy making of the country. The volatile political disruptions can create unrest situation with in a country and affect the relationship of the country with rest of the world. There are number of political factors that can affect the policies and strategies of Debenhams in African and Asian
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Debenhams not only need to consider international competitors but also local manufacturers can play crucial role in the success of a company in a particular market. The phenomena of competition do not only limit to the type of products offered, but it may initiate from point of production spread to point of consumption. The company has adopted effective strategy to cater to the larger segment of the market. The large market share is gained due to doing lot of right things, over the period of time. Though putting the right things, at right time in right quantity has given Debenhams an edge, still it has been faced with immense

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