Advantages And Uses Of Social Media And Leadership Of Public Relations

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Research studies done through management disciplines have shown in the conceptual clarification that there was a connection between social media and the leadership of public relations (Avolio, 2007; Bass, 2008). Innovation of technology has prompted leadership academics to establish the E-leadership theory which describes the societal impact that leaders have assumed to change how they behave, feel – in fact, their, attitudes – think and perform (Avolio, Kahai, & Dodge, 2001). The aim of E-leadership theory was to see how leaders were leading through technology and the impact of technology on leadership, adequate use of innovative technology by E-leaders resulted in remarkable diverse interactions on individual, group, and organisational …show more content…
RQ3: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media in the workplace?
RQ4: To what extent do corporate leaders perceive the use of social media as an effective internal communication channel?

1.4 Goal and objectives

The research seeks to analyse impact of social media in leadership in the Western Cape, South Africa, with these guiding objectives:

Objective 1: To determine prevalence and the types of social media used by corporate leaders for communication with the employees in the workplace

Sub-objective 1: To examine whether there is a usage of social media tools

Sub-objective 2: To determine the type of communication used with the assistant/ team. (determine if personal usage transfer to corporate usage)

Sub-objective 3: To establish the type of content used in social media

Sub-objective 4: To determine the period in which social media has been used in personal capacity

Sub-objective 5: To determine the period in which social media has been used in the workplace

Objective 2: To determine the purposes of using social media for each type of social media utilised in the
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The researcher would be using data collected from academic articles and textbooks of available theories to establish the relationship between the identified theoretical data with what they would be studying in order to analyse the data and derive conclusions for their study. The theoretical and empirical relationship of leadership effectiveness, internal communication and social media for leadership communication tool in the workplace would assist in providing insights to be able to continue with the research investigation. 1.11 Layout of the research report

Chapter 1: The chapter presents the introduction, background of the research, followed by the research problem, research question, goals and objectives, the importance of the research and delimitations and limitation of the study, empirical study, literature review and research design and method and structure of the

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