Advantages And Negatives Of Single Gender School

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Children are like treasures for their parents, so that parents always have to seek to make their children the best by taking the right decisions for them, whether in education, sports, nutrition and every single detail in their life. But when it came to education they should consider the good education environment as well as good school, mostly decision is about single gender school or mixed gender school. However in both decision parents should decide the best for their children. Also they have to know well the consequences of their decisions especially when choosing school environment because children spend half of their days in it as they learn from everything around them. However single gender schools have more negatives than its positives as many aspects as it will affect social interaction with the opposite gender, In addition to the negative impact on career life and increase gender stereotype. One of the main reasons that make parents decide to enroll their kids in single gender schools that they thought that their children may perform …show more content…
Actually we have to be real that children will eventually grow up and they will interact with the opposite gender in the work place “.past researches by biglar etal claim that institutionalizing gender segregated classrooms limits children’s opportunities to interact with members of the opposite gender and to develop the skills necessary for positive and cooperative interaction”. So this actually proves that mixed schools prepare children for the real world and put children in real life environment as it develops necessary skills it interact well with the opposite gender. However parents should realize that their children should learn to feel comfortable and confident when dealing with the opposite gender to be prepared for their career

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