Advantages And Disadvantages Of Psychological Disorders

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There are multiple concepts throughout our text that I learned of that were interesting. I believe that the concepts of the benefits and disadvantages of being diagnosed with a disorder, psychological treatments, and the scientific method was however the interesting subjects that applied to me. Throughout the course I was able to relate to these and understand them, and they are something I believe I will find useful in a future setting. These concepts also help me understand certain situations and what can happen to individuals with disorders
Both the book and the class showed me that there are both disadvantages, and advantages to being labeled with a disorder. A major disadvantage that the public eye will not have sight of at times is discrimination.
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There are different psychological treatments that can be done, but each one will target the specific function, or underlying functions to help treat a disorder/disability. I believe that it is important for these treatments to evolve in multiple ways as this will be one of the prime factors in treating disabilities and disorders to a higher degree. Another reason why I believe that the subject of psychological treatments is interesting to me is that it is not a highly understood subject on a mass scale. There are individuals throughout our society’s that do not understand how certain disorders may work, and this means that they will not understand the psychological treatments that these unfortunate individuals may and how it affects them. I believe that society should understand and habituate more towards the major disorders, treatments, and mental-health conditions that affect us, such as PTSD, OCD, eating disorders, and even depression. If we become more accustom to these problems, we will be able to deal with them in a higher manner. These issues affect one in every four people worldwide. (Nature: Holmes, Emily, …show more content…
Psychologists will employ a certain type of scientific method, known as a set of procedures that will be used to gather the results of what they are experimenting with. Every scientific method will be different, however they will usually involve a sample, a population, and a random type of selection. The research processes can also be unfolded into four different stages. These stages can then be concentrated separately to increase the overall success of the results you gain. What I find interesting with the scientific method is that it can apply to anything you feel like researching, not just the realm of psychology. It is almost a fool-proof way to do research and gather results. I can be primarily concerned with the computing world, but I feel it’s as if when computer research is done, it is just speedy and efficient scientific methods, but this is just my opinion. In conclusion, these subjects are what interesting to as they can help myself understand the world I live in, but these are just parts that will ultimately contribute to who I will to be in the future. With the knowledge I have gained I will be able to further myself not only as a student, but as an individual interested in educating myself. I believe that the realm of psychology is something that affects us every day. It affects us with our decisions, our thinking, and can be considered to affect our way of

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