Advantages And Disadvantages Of China's One Child Policy

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Family is more than just the group of people that we share genes and blood with. Family is a special place that we belong to. Family is a support system and it constitutes the people who accompany us on the journey of life. The concept of family varies from country to another and from a society to the other. For instance, China is the example of a country that restricts the common concept of family. For quite a long time, China’s families consisted of 3 individuals. This restriction was the government’s attempt to limit the excess number of population in the country. However, only recently in China, families ceased to be restricted to 3 individuals since the old one child policy has shifted to a two child policy. This small change in the law could result into a greater shift in the dynamics of the family. The one child policy leads to having an age gap in families, dysfunctional family relationships, and is not guaranteed in case of the death of the only child. Therefore, through these effect, we see how the two child policy is more adequate.
Firstly, it would be interesting to discuss the disadvantages that China’s one child policy have caused. The
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In “China’s One-child Policy and the Changing Family”, Xiao-Tian Feng discusses the Intra-family relationships. The author specifies how the Chinese model of a family is a stereotypical one where the parents spoil their only child. Feng also specifies that having an only child leads to dysfunctional family relationships. Firstly, he specifies that being the only child means being the only hope for the family (page 21). The child is always pressured to live up to the parents’ expectations. Therefore, in this case, the child’s relationship to the parents seems to be like a very technical one stripped of emotions where the child only has to follow his parents’ instructions and orders to be able to satisfy

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