Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Rich

If you ask people passing by if they want to be rich, they would of course say yes. Who wouldn't want to be rich? It is like the best thing in the world, or is it? Being able to do whatever you want, buying everything your heart desires, travel to places you've always dreamed of going, it is like life will be perfect when you're rich right? That is why everyone wants to be rich. However, is that it? Money can buy all the material things in the world, but what about family, friends, people around you. If you think that being rich is what it's like to be perfect, then keep reading because there are actually downsides of being rich.

“Being rich isn't about money. Being rich is a state of mind. Some of us, no matter how much money we have, will
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However, people who are not exactly in the same level as you would think that it's all high and mighty. One of the problems about being rich is that family and friends would treat you differently. Just because you're rich they would expect you to give the best and the most expensive gifts, they would expect you to throw lavish parties all the time, and worst of all, they would expect you to lend them money, and they wouldn't bother paying you back since you're so rich it wouldn't make a difference. Not all families and friends are like this, but most of the time, this actually happens, and once you run out of money, will they actually help you get back on track? No, because you're just like them …show more content…
Children must be thought that money doesn't necessarily grow on trees, that you simply cannot waste money just to get whatever you want. Rich people are often too busy making more money, that they don't always seem to have time to guide their children when it comes to spending and saving. Children who comes from rich families are often used to getting whatever they want, whenever they want, resulting to them being spoiled. Not every rich children are like this, which is good, but most of them are. When they grow up, they wouldn't exactly learn the hardships of making money, unless of course they were guided.

NOTE TO SELF: Rich or not, it is your responsibility to guide your children on to the right path, especially when it comes to teaching them a thing or two about money. Make time for them because they need you more than they need toys.


People would always think that when a person is rich, his or her life is technically perfect. Which is absolutely untrue, there are a lot of celebrities and businessmen who are laying in a bed full of money, but their lives are far too complicated. Most of the time, they end up not being happy with their lives, because at the end of the day, money wouldn't make you feel loved, money wouldn't care if you cry, money doesn't make the world go

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