Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Student Athlete

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A student-athlete is a partaker in a specific sport. They are the ones who are being sponsored by the government or by the educational institutions. Student-athletes must also know how to balance and manage their time as a full-time student and as a full-time athlete. They should not get a failing mark on their academic because it is one of their responsibilities to balance their academics from their extra-curricular activities. Student-athletes are tested by their education, passion and commitment with their tasks. They must be responsible with their jobs of being a full-time student and a full-time athlete. It needs commitment with their sport not only commitment but also to their passion in playing. They must know how to manage their time …show more content…
The advantage of being a student-athlete is that it can boost their positive emotions by practicing and bonding with teammates. They also travel in different places because of participating in any sport events that they are involve in which they supported by the school. By means, they have so many opportunities that may support their financial expenses due to their potential in playing. Back to mental health of a student-athlete it increases their self-esteem and it

forgets their problems in playing their sport. In addition it makes them physically fit and healthy that may use them later on in life. It is a challenge for them to balance their time management. In some schools, student athletes are provided with therapists that may easily recover their body soreness or injuries. Being a student athlete is a busy life for them. Having a busy life can make them stressful. This is a disadvantage of being a student-athlete, they are exhausted because of their practices and doing home works or other school activities that is already tiring for the student-athletes to work on. They experience physically and mentally problems, they occur sleeping patterns, loss of appetite or in short depression. By that, it is unhealthy for them to experience it every day. A student athlete must balance their time management in order to keep their grades up. Since some of the student-athlete’s travel in different places they disregard school and within the discussions that may find them difficult, in result, they will have a hard time passing their grades and understand the lesson. In their physical impediment, they experience body soreness, injuries and muscle complex, by that they experience a painful sensation in their body that may be a cause for their

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