Summary Of The ASQA Audit Model

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Under ASQA’s new audit model, five main features of students’ experiences will be focused:
• RTO marketing and recruitment: during students recruitment process RTO and its marketing personnel should not provide student service agents and students with misleading information and ensure they are authentic, honest and original. In this context prospective students should be receiving the information which reflect the RTO’s policies and procedures, required performance and behaviours that need to follow. These information include required student attendance, study progress requirements, misconduct behaviours, academic requirements, overseas student working rights and limitations and complaints appealing procedures. RTO designs these policies and procedures under the guidelines of Standards for RTOs 2015 and relevant federal, state or territory legislations. In addition RTO should utilize its marketing promotional brochures in a professional and ethical
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According to the RTO policies and procedures these documentations should be updated on a regular basis and their version control details should also be updated accordingly. RTO needs to conduct an English placement test to determine students’ literacy level. The test results will determine whether students are eligible to study the enrolled courses. Other relevant documents such as student passport photocopies, student contact detail forms, fees payment plan, student agreement forms, current and previous academic transcripts and RTO induction checklist should be retained in student filing record. RTO should provide its record keeping systems electronically and/or manually to facilitate the storage of these records. Students’ enrolment process is not considered complete if all the required documents are not prepared or

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