Difference Between A College Student And Grit Essay

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There are two different types of college kids, one with grit and one without. Grit plays a major role in college. Grit can be defined as a determined or goal driven person. So what makes a college student with grit different from a college student without grit? Even though a student without grit still has a plan to finish, they do not always do whatever it takes as a student with grit would. There are several differences between the two. Some of the differences are determination, not accepting failure, and passion. A student with grit has great determination. They want to achieve a long term goal which means hard work, dedication, and patience. Many days they will want to give up or just go for that quick fix, but they have to be determined …show more content…
Grit causes a person to have a dream and a set plan and to get it done at all cost. Whether it takes one year or five years, they do not give up. They have a drive and are willing to change an idea if it betters the result. They find different plans to get it done. When something gets in the way they remember their passion and how badly they want it and they are not willing to settle for anything less. They do not rely on their talents alone. They use their talents to the best of their ability and even bring out talents they did not know they had because they were driven to succeed at all cost. They let their passion drive them to get it done along with their talents. A student without grit is willing to change their passion when they get stumped. They do not try to take on another task with a new plan, they accept the fact of failure and change the passion or dream they have set out to achieve. They rely on only their talent and when that talent does not take them all the way they are willing to think that they gave their best. They are ready to give up if they do not prosper the first time. They want everything to be easy and handed to them with the minimum requirement of work and effort.
Although a student without grit can be very smart and talented, that will not take them all the way or as far as a student with grit will go. Students with grit do not stop at good or passing work; they go for excellent or perfect. They find new ways

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