Challenges Of Globalization Analysis

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Every day, people from all over the world communicate, debate and negotiate with each other as if there were no borders between us. Activities such as transaction, banking, data transferal, trades, cultural exchange and technical collaboration are occurring globally regardless of the time or place.
This now is a global era and flow of information is swift and with very little restriction. Every news is up to date to almost every people. Globalization intended countries to dissolve their borders, un-restriction of trade, development of free tariff zone and advancement of technology.
Thus, globalization has become inevitable and has turn out to be one of the most talked about academic subjects.
Globalization is actually a process
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(Garrett, 2000) discussed that since there is high initial investment and high competitions for the underdeveloped countries to enter the global market, there is a chance that weak businesses might be forced out. The main barriers for the local companies for internationalization outside their own countries are usually due to high initial investment and lack of support by the government (Cahen, et al., 2016).
It would be best if the governmental institutions could provide the needs of the weak firms to enter the global market. The government holds a very strong position and their support is so much needed to get the higher technology to make the productions more efficient (Soubbotina, 2004).
Usually, when a developing country enter global market, it usually has to rely on low skilled labor which could not support for long term. Therefore, it is required by the government to invest and develop labor with technical capability and innovation to obtain sustain economic growth and to be competitive (Hassan & Sakar, 2013). If properly control with sustainable policies, globalization could be a useful tool in improving the human resource of the countries (Asongu, et al.,
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The restrains of scarce technology and standardization has forced the producers to have better knowledge and to be innovative (Perez-Aleman, 2012).

Globalization and Crime
Having good and close relationship with the neighboring countries does not mean to be safe. Due to globalization, it has become easier for the international crime organization to move around different countries. (Naim, 2009) reported that there has been increase crime rates, political conflicts and wars.
Moreover, (Lomborg, 2009) mentioned that international terrorists crossed borders and conducted terrorism to attain world attention by causing grievance of the civilians in some foreign countries. Therefore, in this globalized era, governments should focus on foreign policies which reflect equity and also taking the cultures of others into consideration. (Lomborg, 2009) continued that countries should allocate funds to handle international terrorism which cross borders and threaten the security of communities.

Global Territories
Countries communicate and make allies with each other to get economic benefits. Although one is an ally it can also be a

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