Adult Learning And Adult Learners Essay

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Adult Learning
There is no single explanation or all-encompassing theory that explains how adults learn. The adult learning process is complex, context bound, and highly personal. As a result, there is no single theory of learning that can be applied to all adults. Instead, the literature of the past century has yielded a variety of models, sets of assumptions and principles, theories, and explanations that make up the adult learning knowledge base.
The more adult educators are familiar with this knowledge base, the more effective their practice can be, and the more responsive it can be to the needs of adult learners. This fact sheet reviews three major theories and discusses their implications for practice (Corley, Mary Ann. AdultLearningTheoriesFinal.pdf). The author has made some clear and precise statements concerning the education of adults. Nevertheless, there exists no particular description or all-inclusive principle that clarifies how adults learn.
The mature learning procedure is difficult, context bound and extremely delicate. In fact, there is no system of education which, conforms to all grownups. Preferably, the poetry of the past era has created a fusion of replicas, sets of assumptions and ethics, hypotheses, and descriptions that make up the full-grown book learning foundation. Nevertheless, instructors are aware of this database, their actual practices and ready to react to the demands of pupils. The statistics sheet explores three key policies and…

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