Adult Learner Helps Us As Adult Learners Essay

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Studying how different cultures encourage and teach adult learners helps us as adult ESL instructors relate to our students, We find that studying other cultures learning processes lets us see how cultures obtain, collect and teach others. Understanding non-Western cultures and the dynamic between teachers and students makes us as educators take stock in our role as educators. Western culture has set the tone for adult education globally. Non-Western perspectives on education show us different styles of learning, restrictions of adult learners and an individual’s beliefs of what knowledge means to them. As adult educators we must cherish diversity in the students we teach, foster their learning and ourselves learn from our students.
How do your perspectives and beliefs as an adult educator compare with those of Confucian, Hindu, Maori, Islamic, and African cultures as presented in Chapter 9 of the course text? Adult education is essential to help people grow personally and prosper in the workplace, be more savvy to technical and global advancements, and to advance their knowledge and evolve in society. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) helps administer adult education in the United States. The OCTAE, “is responsible for enabling adults to acquire the basic skills necessary to function in today 's society so that they can benefit from the completion of secondary school, enhanced family life, attaining…

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